Format: Digital

Product Code: MEG332

Released: 16th January 2013

Digital Judge Dredd Megazine 332

Slaying Double!

Episodes include:

Judge Dredd » The Pits (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2135 AD. This vast urban hell on the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America is home to 50 million citizens. In the wake of the Chaos Bug, the city is trying to recover. Crime is rampant, and the Judges are empowered to dispense summary justice. These lawmen are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of all is Judge Dredd – he is the Law!

Hondo-City Justice » Revenge of the 47 Ronin (Part 1)

Hondo City, 2135 AD, where ancient samurai values clash with high technology in the Japan of the twenty-second century. Aiko Inaba is a rarity – a woman rightfully wearing the uniform of a Hondo-City Judge Inspector. Once Judge Shimura’s cadet partner, she is now a rising star in Justice Central, but some of her mentor’s cynicism and distrust of authority has rubbed off...

American Reaper II » American Reaper II (Part 1)

New York City, 2062. Fifty years in the future, identity theft has taken a new and deadly twist – victims have their minds and personalities erased and their bodies stolen. A team of special agents, known as Reapers, has been formed to hunt down those that have illegally transplanted their identities into others and terminate them with extreme prejudice...

Judge Dredd » Inversion (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2135 AD. Several months ago a Sov terror group released a virus in the future metropolis in revenge for the nuking of East-Meg One thirty years previously. The highly infectious Chaos Bug caused carnage as citizens were sent murderously insane, and an estimated 350 million were killed. A weakened, struggling city is trying to get back on its feet...

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