Format: Digital

Product Code: MEG236

Released: 20th September 2005

Digital Judge Dredd Megazine 236

Episodes include:

Non Fiction » The Dredd Files (Part 23)

Judge Anderson » City Of Dead (Part 6)

Mega-City One, 2127 AD: Psi-Division is a section within Justice Department that specialises in Judges with accentuated psychic talents. Cassandra Anderson is its top telepath, instrumental in protecting the city from many supernatural threats – and after months in a coma, at last she’s back on the streets!

Devlin Waugh » All Hell (Part 6)

2127 AD: In a world where horrors from beyond might invade our reality at any moment, one man stands firm against the terror – athlete, aesthete and vampire Devlin Waugh, the Vatican’s favoured freelance exorcist. Having lost his Eye of Sekhmet pendant to the Withered Hand Triad, Devlin needs to keep his pecker up ...

The Simping Detective » Playing Futsie (Part 3)

Mega-City One, 2127 AD: Simped-up private eye Jack Point is an undercover ‘Wally Squad’ Judge – ’cos only a clown would want to walk the streets of Angeltown, the arse-end of ‘City Bottom’. He’s got two friends in this world: one’s long and hard, and makes your ears ring after every shot; the other’s his gun ...

Middenface McNulty » Midnapped! (Part 3)

Scotland, the 22nd century: warped by radioactive fallout and oppressed by the vicious Kreelers, mutants are the underclass of future Britain. In the wake of the Killoden massacre which wiped out the rebel muties’ Tartan Army, teenager Archibald ‘Middenface’ McNulty has turned guerrilla ...

Interrogation - The Slings and Arrows (Part 3)

The Bendatti Vendetta » See Naples and Die (Part 3)

For years, rumours have circulated amongst the law enforcement agencies of Europe about a mysterious order known only as the Bendatti, who wreak cruel and merciless vengeance upon criminals that the legitimate authorities cannot touch ...

Judge Dredd » Cursed Earth Rules (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2127 AD – a vast metropolis ruled over by the Judges; judge, jury and executioner in one. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd ... which was proved once again in ’26, when he led a ruthless crusade to crush the so-called ‘New Mutant Army’ amassed in the Cursed Earth beyond the City!

British Icons » Desperate Dan - Who ate all the pies? (Part 1)

Heatseekers » Cult TV: It's the end of the world as we know it (Part 1)

Heatseekers » Movies: Big Nobs and Broomsticks (Part 1)

Heatseekers » Orient: Top Men (Part 1)

Heatseekers » Comics: Eyes Wide in Gaza (Part 1)

Judge Dredd » In the Stomm (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2127 AD – a vast metropolis of 400 million citizens ruled over by the Judges. Empowered to dispense instant justice, these future lawmen are judge, jury and executioner. They watch you in the streets, they watch you in your habs. Nowhere is private – not even the smallest room ...

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