Format: Digital

Product Code: MEG212

Released: 18th November 2003

Digital Judge Dredd Megazine 212

Episodes include:

The Interrogation Cube (Part 12)

Devlin Waugh » Red Tide (Part 11)

Devlin Waugh is a freelance exorcist and occult operative for the Vatican – not to mention a vampire with a delightfully decadent lifestyle. Ten years ago, he defeated a monstrous infestation at the Aquatraz penal colony. Now, the sea is running red again ...

Apocalypse Soon » Apocalypse Soon (Part 9)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse await the end of the world...

Non Fiction » Blazing Battle Action! (Part 4)

XTNCT » XTNCT (Part 4)

Earth’s far future, where the last remaining humans wage a war of attrition against one another, their armies GM creatures. Dinosaur commandos Rex, Trike, Aviatrix and Raptor, plus the plant-form Forest, are loyal to Father – but is He loyal to them?

Judge Death » The Wilderness Days (Part 4)

The Cursed Earth, 2125 AD. Judge Death, a twisted being from a dimension where all life is crime, has escaped a Mega-City One containment facility. Heading out into the radioactive hell beyond the city walls, he plots his final judgement on humankind ...

Judge Dredd » Sturm und Dang (Part 2)

2125 AD: bordered by the atomic desert of the Cursed Earth, Mega-City One is a vast, crime-ridden metropolis of 400 million citizens ruled over by the Judges – future lawmen who are judge, jury and executioner combined. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd!

Armitage » Apostasy in the UK (Part 1)

Brit-Cit, 2125 AD. Detective-Judge Armitage is the best plainclothes operative in the Brit-Cit Justice Department, trawling the seamy underbelly of a rotten state. He’s also arrogant, opinionated and stubborn – as his partner Treasure Steel knows all too well ...

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