Format: Digital

Product Code: USF020D

Released: 17th June 2015

Pages: 36

Digital Aquila #3

Pages: 36

Writer: Gordon Rennie

Artist: Leigh Gallagher

Aquila, former slave, gladiator, and now servant of Ammit the Devourer, has business to tend to and vengeance to deliver in Rome, the centre of the world. In the eternal city he finds an unwilling ally in Felix Fortunatus, and treachery around every corner.   The incredible historical fantasy from Gordon Rennie (Rogue Trooper, Dept. of Monsterology), Leigh Gallagher (Defoe, Judge Dredd) and Patrick Goddard (Judge Dredd, Savage) continues in an extra long 36 page instalment. A 5 issue mini-series.

Stories include:

  • Where All Roads Lead

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