Format: Digital

Product Code: USF014D

Released: 13th May 2015

Pages: 32

Digital Ichabod Azrael #3

The Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael

Pages: 32

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Dom Reardon

Ichabod Azraelā€™s grievous journey takes him in an unexpected direction, out of the deadlands and into the battlefields of the first world war and on to prohibition-era Chicago, with The Hunter and his dogs close on his heels... More reality-splitting vengeance from writer Rob Williams (The Royals: Masters of War, Doctor Who) and artist Dom Reardon (The Ten-Seconders, Caballistics, Inc.).

A standalone mini-series. Double-thick cover stock.

Stories include:

  • Manhunt

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