Format: Digital

Product Code: USF002D

Released: 30th May 2014

Pages: 32

Digital Brass Sun Issue #1


Pages: 32

Writer: Ian Edginton

Artist: INJ Culbard

The Orrery Is A Clockwork Solar System Where Planets Whirl On Vast Metal Arms And The Sun Of Cogs Is Worshipped As A God. 

But the sun is dying, the planets are freezing one by one, and cults burn as heretics those who warn of the danger. To save her home, young Wren knows she must first escape it and find the key to restart the sun. An incredible new SF-clockpunk series from the bestselling artist of New Deadwardians and the hit writer of Scarlet Traces and Hinterkind. Includes 30 pages of actual strip art per issue! Six issue monthly mini-series.

Stories include:

  • The Wheel of Worlds

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