Format: Digital

Product Code: RCS2057D

Released: 30th September 2020

Digital Misty & Scream 2020 Special

Writers: Alec Worley, Cavan Scott, Kek-W, Olivia Hicks, Maura McHugh, Kristyna Baczynski

Artists: John Lucas, Simon Coleby, DaNi, Robin Henley, Mary Safro, Vincenzo Riccardi

Just in time for Hallowe'en, Misty & Scream returns with another 48-page anthology stuffed with scares to create a new generation from British horror fans!

The Prince of Darkness comes face to face with an old foe in 'The Dracula Files' from Cavan Scott and Vincenzo Riccardi; Black Beth's quest for vengeance continues thanks to the fevered minds of Alec Worley and DaNi; and Kek-W and Simon Coleby reveal the ghoulish World War I air ace, Black Max, attempting to cross back over into the world of the living!

Plus there's three frightfully fresh stories to shock your socks off - 'Thief of Senses' by Maura Mchugh and Robin Henley; 'Bumps in the Night' by Olivia Hicks and John Lucas, and 'The Aegis' by Kristyna Baczynski and Mary Safro!

So lock your doors and hide under the duvet as this is the spookiest read you've encounter this Hallowe'en!

Stories include:

  • Thief of Senses
  • Bumps in the Night
  • The Aegis
  • Black Beth
  • Black Max
  • The Dracula File

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