Format: Digital

Product Code: RCS2053D

Released: 27th May 2020

Digital SMASH! 2020 Special

SMASH! 2020 Special

Seven new adventures featuring some of the most popular British superheroes are featured in this 64 page giant. 

Fantastic action-packed stories from a host of terrific creators, including :

The Steel Claw by Charlie Higson (The Fast Show, Young Bond, The Enemy) and Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) 

The Spider written by Rob Williams and drawn by John McCrea, Mytek the Mighty by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Johnny Future drawn by Tom Raney (Uncanny X-Men, Stormwatch)

House of Dolman by Simon Furman and Chris Weston

Thunderbolt by Helen O’Hara and Valentina Pinti

Cursitor Doom by Maura McHugh and Andreas Butzbach.

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