Format: Digital

Product Code: RCS2051D

Released: 25th March 2020

Digital Action 2020 Special [With Banned Issue]

Writers: Garth Ennis, Zina Hutton, Ram V, Quint Amity

Artists: Henry Flint, Mike Dorey, Staz Johnson, Jake Lynch, Henrik Sahlström, Dan Lish

Colourers: John Charles, Jim Boswell

Letterers: Simon Bowland, PetiteCreme, Rob Steen, Agent PC

Episodes include:

Dredger (Part 1)

Probationer (Part 1)

Hell's Highway (Part 1)

Look out for lefty (Part 1)

Hook-Jaw (Part 1)

Kids Rule O.K. (Part 1)

Death Game 1999 (Part 1)

Hellman on the Russian Front (Part 1)

Stories include:

  • Kids Rule O.K.
  • Hellman at the Twilight of the Reich
  • Hell Machine
  • Hook Jaw vs Shako
  • Dredger

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