Format: Digital

Product Code: RCS1951D

Released: 17th April 2019

Digital The Cor!! Buster Humour Special

Writers: Alec Worley, Cavan Scott, John Freeman, Matt Smith, Karl Stock, Grainne McEntee, Lizzie Boyle, Ned Hartley, Paul Goodenough, Robin Etherington, The Feek, Lee Langford

Artists: Pye Parr, Tiernen Trevallion, Abigail Bulmer, Steve Mannion, Tom Paterson, Sammy Borras, Tanya Roberts, Lew Stringer, David Follett, Mike Hoffman, Andy W. Clift, Edward Whatley, Mick Cassidy

Letterers: Simon Bowland, Jr. Senior, A. Mann, Ozvaldo Sanchez, Seymore Close, Moe Money, Leila O'Millar, Telford Porter, Oz, Karl DeCoy, Amber Cecilia

Cover Artist: Neil Googe

Prepare to guffaw and giggle your way through the all-new Cor!! & Buster Humour Special from the Treasury of British Comics - out now!

Taking the greatest comedy characters British comics has to offer, the new special bring old favourites into the 21st Century and is guaranteed to raise a smile!

Amongst the talent bringing the fun back to funny comics is John Freeman and Lew Stringer, with their strip “Who’s In Charge?”, featuring a hilarious host of comics’ greatest editors (including a certain Tharg The Mighty) to work out just who is responsible for putting the comic together!

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