Format: Digital

Product Code: RCA-B0050D

Released: 21st August 2019

Digital Best of Steel Commando

Writer: Frank Pepper

Artists: Alex Henderson, Vince Wernham

A new collection of a forgotten 20th Century classic, presented in the popular digest format. 

With superhuman strength, bulletproof casing and an unstoppable resolve, the Steel Commando is the Allies’ ultimate weapon in the war against the Axis powers. 

There’s just one bug in his circuits - he’ll only take orders from Ernie Bates, the laziest soldier in the British Army! Watch ‘Ironsides’ and ‘Excused Boots’ Bates carry out thrill-filled missions in dangerous enemy territories! This fun-packed army adventure also includes an early comic strip crossover as the Steel Commando joins forces with the mighty Captain Hurricane!

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