Format: Digital

Product Code: MEG292

Released: 9th December 2009

Digital Judge Dredd Megazine 292

Xmas Exile

Episodes include:

Judge Dredd » What's Another Year? (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2131 AD. This vast urban nightmare on the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America is home to 400 million citizens. With crime running rampant, only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. These lawmen are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd – he is the Law! Now, Dredd has been stationed in the Cursed Earth...

Tank Girl » Mission 4728937429-B (Part 2)

Australia, the near future. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, the former bounty hunter turned outlaw known only as Tank Girl spends her days drinking, fighting and getting up to all manner of unspeakable acts. Armed with a massive tank, TG is accompanied by her partner and lover, the mutated kangaroo Booga. Now, her military past has come back to haunt her...

Tempest » Time Zero (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2131 AD. Beneath the streets of the metropolis lie the ruins of old New York, the crumbling remains that the Big Meg was built over. Known as the Undercity, it’s become a haven for troggies and wanted perps, such as former criminal kingpin Tempest, who took on the identity of the Judge that tried to hunt him down. He rules the ruins, or so he thinks...

Judge Dredd » Flipped (Part 1)

Mega-City One, 2107 AD. Marlon Shakespeare – aka Chopper – has just won the illegal Supersurf 7, becoming a folk hero to thousands of citizens. As far as the Judges are concerned, he’s just another creep. But for the young Flip, who was being taught skysurfing by Chopper at Tommy McCardle block juve rehab, his achievement deserves something truly spectacular...

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