Format: Digital

Product Code: GRN525

Released: 1st July 2015

Pages: 116

Digital Zenith: Phase 04

Gods And Monsters!

Pages: 116

Writers: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar

Artists: Gina Hart, Simon Coleby, Steve Yeowell

With the Lloigor defeated nothing can stand in the way of the superhumans and universal domination! The remaining members of the original British super-team Cloud 9 with some additional powered affiliates (including Zenith’s infant son) have destroyed America in retaliation for an attempt on their lives. Now they plan to incubate in the sun and evolve to the next level of existence, destroying the Earth as they do so. Once again Zenith and St. John must make a stand for humanity and this time it’s personal!

Grant Morrison (WE3) and Steve Yeowell (Devlin Waugh) bring you the mind-blowing finale to one of the most celebrated series in British comics.


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Stories include:

  • Phase 4 Prologue
  • Phase 4
  • Tales From An Alternate Earth

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