Format: Digital

Product Code: GRN524

Released: 8th April 2015

Pages: 144

Digital Zenith: Phase 03

A Crisis! A Secret War!

Pages: 144

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artists: Jim McCarthy, Steve Yeowell

Letterer: Gordon Robson

The Lloigor are back and this time they plan to take control of everything. In order to do so, they must align alternate universes and form a crystal known as the ‘Omnihedron’. Maximan of alternate 23 has gathered together an army of superheroes from multiple Earths to fight back against the dark gods. With reality itself at stake, will Zenith be mature enough for once to take the war seriously?

Zenith creators Grant Morrison (Animal Man) and Steve Yeowell (The Invisibles) deliver a truly epic cross-dimensional superhero tale, 2000 AD-style!


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Stories include:

  • Phase 3: War in Heaven Part 1
  • Phase 3: War in Heaven Part 2
  • Mandala

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