Format: Digital

Product Code: GRN516

Released: 2nd December 2014

Pages: 112

Digital Zenith: Phase 02

The All Time Classic Is Back!

Pages: 112

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artists: Steve Yeowell, M. Carmona

Zenith is the only superhuman popstar. He's saved the world, had a number one record - but his only interests are women, drugs, alchohol and fame. But Peter St. John and the unexpected reappearance of Ruby forces the superbrat to take off and tackle a nuclear threat to London - from his own creator! The second hardback volume of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s breakthrough superhero story is now available to pre-order. This groundbreaking work catapulted Morrison into the comics firmament and is one of the all-time classics of 2000 AD.


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Stories include:

  • Phase 2: The Hollow Land
  • Maximan

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