Format: Digital

Product Code: GRN515

Released: 22nd October 2014

Pages: 112

Digital Zenith: Phase 01

The All Time Classic Is Back!

Pages: 112

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Steve Yeowell

Berlin, 1945: British war hero Maximan lies defeated at the feet of German ‘Ubermensch’ Masterman. His victory is short-lived, as the allies drop a nuclear bomb on their location, killing both men. 

Over forty years later, the world has become alltoo familiar with the existence of superhumans. Now there is only one left – Zenith – an egotistical pop star who is anything but heroic. Unfortunately for mankind, dark gods from another dimension known as the ‘Many-Angled Ones’ have sent Masterman’s twin to take over the planet and only Zenith and a small number of depowered heroes from the ‘Flower Power’ generation stand a chance of defeating him! 

Written by Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) with art by Steve Yeowell (Judge Dredd), This longawaited 2000 AD take on superheroes begins here!


  • Creator Bios
  • Cover Gallery
  • Concept Art and Character Designs

Stories include:

  • Phase 1: Tygers
  • Interlude 1
  • Interlude 2

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