Format: Digital

Product Code: GRN304

Released: 1st July 2014

Pages: 304

Digital The Complete Nemesis The Warlock: Volume 02

Like Father, Like Son!

Pages: 304

Writer: Pat Mills

Artists: Bryan Talbot, John Hicklenton, Kevin O'Neill, Tony Luke

Letterers: Steve Potter, Gordon Robson

In his continuing battle against the wicked forces of Termight's mad tyrant Torquemada, alien freedom fighter Nemesis The Warlock is joined by his bloodthirsty son Thoth and war robots the ABC Warriors for a nightmarish adventure across the terrifying Time Wastes...

From the unique imagination of Pat Mills (Savage) this second volume in the series comes complete with an introduction by the author, an afterword by Bryan Talbot and over 40 pages of extra material!


  • Author Biographies
  • Bonus Material

Stories include:

  • Ego Trip
  • Vengeance of Thoth (Book 5)
  • Torquemurder (Book 6) Part 1
  • Torquemurder (Book 6) Part 2
  • Torquemada the God
  • A Bedtime Story
  • The Two Torquemadas (Book 7)
  • A Day in the Death of Torquemada
  • The Garden of Alien Delights
  • Torture Tube
  • Forbidden Planet
  • Torquemada's Second Honeymoon

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