Format: Digital

Product Code: BLF795

Released: 19th September 2019

Digital Judge Anderson: Year Two Omnibus

Writers: Danie Ware, Laurel Sills, Zina Hutton

The story behind Mega-City One's most famous telepath and Judge Dredd partner, Judge Anderson, in her second year as a Judge! Follow-up to the cult sensation Judge Anderson Year One!

In years to come, Cassandra Anderson will be a living legend, Psi-Divisions most famous Judge. But for now it s 2101, and a young Judge Anderson is in her second year out of the Academy, the Eagle still gleaming on her shoulder. It s time to put her training and her judgement to the test.

Three original stories from female authors have Anderson taking on biker gangs and reclusive celebrities, cults and reluctant partners, and a psychic team of murderers..

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