Format: Digital

Product Code: BLF158

Released: 12th August 2015

Pages: 328

ISBN: 9781849979672

Digital Judge Dredd: Dread Dominion

Pages: 328

Writer: Stephen Marley

Joe and Rico Dredd: clone brothers who chose to live on different sides of the law. Thirty-seven years ago, Dredd arrested his twin in Cafe Cesare and condemned him to life as a cyborg on the prison-moon Titan.

Now the Cafe seems to be at the heart of a wave of hallucinations sweeping Mega-City One. Even the Judges are affected. Their behaviour is increasingly erratic. It's almost as if they become entirely different people. And throughout the city, people are being tortured and killed by a man who calls himself Chief Judge Dread.

To save his world, Judge Dredd must cross to another dimension where Judge Caligula is the Governor of New Rome and Anderson and Giant lead anti-Judge rebels. A dimension in which history took one very wrong turn . . .

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