Format: Digital

Product Code: BLF156

Released: 12th August 2015

Pages: 272

ISBN: 9781849979689

Digital Judge Dredd: Cursed Earth Asylum

Pages: 272

Writer: David Bishop

"Judge Chung sobbed, bitter tears running down her face.

'He killed them, all of them,' she said.

'Who killed them?' McGruder demanded.


Twenty Years ago, the Justice Department built an asylum called Erebus to house the surviving atrocities from early experiments with cloning, eugenics and psi enhancement. The inmates were grotesque, disfigured beyond belief. One of them was evil beyond imagining.

Two weeks ago, Judge Dredd led a Hotdog Run into the Cursed Earth; the only survivor returned to accuse him of murder. Now a group of Judges is sent to find him and bring him back - alive or dead.

Is Dredd a traitor? Perhaps the answer lies in Erebus, where the inmates have taken over the asylum, and madness is no longer just a state of mind.

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